Unwelcome Wagon


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Jeff Miller: Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Aach: The Aachroach (TM)
Geoff Chase: Drums
Chris Farrell: Bass

Unwelcome Wagon’s self-titled first release is a no-holds-barred tribute to the glory days of Heavy Metal. Anthemic songs and gutbucket guitar riffs are the core of Unwelcome Wagon’s sound. The opening track’s intro of wailing feedback, sampled sledgehammers, and all-hands-on-deck chorus of “children in the city got to rock and roll!” tells you right away where the band is coming from.

Lead guitarist / vocalist Jeff ‘El Jefe’ Miller sounds like Paul Stanley, Ozzy Osbourne, and Eddie Van Halen all rolled into one. He wears his influences proudly on songs like “Burnin’”, in which he growls “I’m a rollin’ train, drive you insane, c’mon inside –tear up the tracks ‘till the engine cracks and ride, ride, ride”. He follows this declaration with a blistering guitar solo, as if in defiance of the current trend of minimalist guitar playing.

The snarling dog rhythm guitar sound of Jeff Aach is unmistakable – he has created his own instrument, subtly titled “The Aachroach”, and it is ALL about raw power.

Bassist Chris Farrell provides a meaty foundation – he grinds away with Aach creating a mountainous low-end sculpture.

Drummer G Chase’s determined-sounding beats are at the heart of this recording, and it’s obvious that the engineering team of Chase and Miller wanted the drums to be heard loud and clear. Chase’s unforgiving grooves really drive this collection of songs home – if you love heavy rock, you’ll love this album.