Looking Back and Keeping Track

I’ve tried to start and maintain a blog a couple times. It’s quite difficult for me. I have a similar relationship with exercise. I get excited, I start, I cruise along for a while and then… poof, it’s gone. A year later I find the carefully folded UnderArmour next to some fully fleshed out, unpublished blog post and I think “Oh yeah, I liked doing that… why did I stop?”

I know I’m not alone. Life is full of twists and turns and what drives us keeps changing. For me, blogging and jogging are usually pretty easy to demote. There is just so much sleeping in to do, music to be learned, code to be written, so many dogs to be walked, friends to be hugged, family to love.

I keep coming back to this idea of a blog because I like to write. I don’t consider myself a writer, by any stretch, but I do enjoy it. I remember a recommendation from The Artist’s Way about writing every day for twenty minutes before doing anything else and that always seemed like something I would enjoy. I never did it and I’m not resolving to pick up that torch now. That would be too much pressure, so I am lighting a small candle of hope that maybe this time the muse won’t leave. I’m ok if it does, it always seems to come back.

For now, right now in fact, Erin and I have a baby on the way. We are booked for induction the day after tomorrow. What better time for looking back and keeping track?

Erin and I met in Harvard Square eight years ago, tomorrow. At the same time, the same day, we suspect, our dear Pepper was born. She was far away and we didn’t know it, but she had a year and a half of trials and tribulations to overcome before making the epic journey north into our loving arms.

Pepper has brought endless joy to our home and we are forever in her debt. Thankfully, she is fully prepared for her new chapter, raising our daughter. We have groomed her for this duty from day one. The pooping outdoors, the drop it, the come when called, all of it – it’s on her to pass these values on to the new family member and we have full confidence in her abilities. She’s the boss.

But seriously, it’s been an amazing eight years and we are both tremendously excited for the baby girl. We can.not.wait. to share her with our friends and family. Stay tuned!

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